The Penis Song

My son has discovered his penis. Of course, he’s noticed this appendage before, but now we have reached full on obsession. He loves to talk about his penis. I am often privy to such quotes such as, “Mommy, look at my penis!” “I have a big penis just like Daddy!” “Mommy, where your penis?” (Because obviously it is the greatest thing ever and how could a person not have one?)

He has become so into reaching into his diaper to play with himself that we have initiated a  we-only-play-with-our-penis-in-the-bathroom rule. Which he follows. Almost never.

My favorite penis awareness moment happened recently. The hubs was getting ready to work a night shift and making a pot of coffee while I was straightening up the kitchen. My little boy decided that would be prime penis playing time He reached into his diaper and started playing, while also running around in circles in the kitchen. And then, in case we were not aware of the crazy toddler running in circles with his hand in his diaper he began to sing, “playing in my diaper…..with my PENIS!” On repeat.

Since we are supportive crazy parents, we joined in. The hubs and I stood there in the middle of the kitchen while our little boy ran circles around us and we all sang, “playing in my diaper…with my PENIS!!” on repeat. And LOUDLY.

After a chorus of laughs and after little man had moved on to his next adventure (chasing the cats) the hubs said, “I think having company makes us normal. This didn’t happen when your mom was here visiting.”

I responded, “But it’s family bonding! Way more fun than being normal.”


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