Turning Yellow

I see you as the leaves on my tree. New, fresh, tender. You are a blossom, so young and fragile. I tend to you, I cherish you, I immerse myself in your nourishment so that you may thrive.

I see you turn green and strong and learn life with an unstoppable momentum towards greatness. I hold onto you and savor in the moments when I am still an important part of your world.

I see you turning yellow. You are growing up and changing right before my eyes. You are turning into a person of your own. You are getting ready to find a path without me.

I see you turn red. You are ready to fly on your own and to flourish out in the world I have long ago stopped navigating and instead have watched you change into these beautiful colors.

One day, you will gently drop from my branch, and float away into a gentle breeze. I hope that it takes you to amazing places and allows to you see breathtaking sights. I hope you have moments you treasure and meet people who treasure you. I hope your journey on this gentle breeze brings you adventure, and love, and happiness. And I hope one day this gentle breeze might again blow you my way.

But right now, I will stand here, sturdy on my trunk, and cherish these small beautiful moments that allow me to soak in your presence and bask in your glow. Because I know, that all too soon, you will be turning yellow.


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