A week in the life

Normally, I try to take little man somewhere every morning for an activity, then come home for lunch, nap, outside play, house cleaning, and then bedtime routine. This week has thrown us off a bit and reminded me of the highs and lows of this stay-at-home mom gig I’ve got going.

Monday: a pretty regular day. Music class, lunch, nap, a walk outside, and then heavy cleaning for a playdate in the morning followed by our bedtime routine.

Tuesday: Playdate! My house is spotless, the sunshine is streaming in through my windows in the most beautiful way, I have home-made cupcakes ready for the children to decorate and coffee ready for my friend and I. The children play (mostly) nicely and I enjoy grownup conversation in a spotless home with homemade confections. Isn’t this the way I always dreamed being a stay-at-home mom would be? I felt like I was in a movie.

Wednesday: Sickness has attacked our house. My son and I both have runny noses and a case of the whines. We decide on a pajama and movie day and snuggle on the couch for Despicable Me and Beauty and the Beast. Then I am tired and ready for a nap, but little man has decided his sickness is over, and it would be a good idea to “make it snow” in the living room while Mommy lies on the couch feeling yucky. By the time I realize what “make it snow” means, my living room is COVERED in baby powder. I drag myself to clean up and finally coax the baby to sleep. After nap I park myself back in front of the TV and wait for the hubs to take over.

Thursday: (today) Feeling a little better, but not 100%. We spend the morning watching some Sesame Street. Then I get a creative burst and decide we should….finger paint! Shortly after my brilliant idea my kitchen in covered in various shades of blue, yellow, red, and green, and my white kitchen sink has turned into a rainbow. The phone is ringing but I don’t feel up to dealing with that, and some one is stinky. It’s either the baby, the cat litter box, or both. Probably both. The house is messy and laundry has piled up from me taking a day off yesterday. Lots to deal with this afternoon.

Friday: (tomorrow) The baby has pre-school in the morning and I should go to workout class. I might just schedule a date for myself with a cup of coffee and a good book instead. I hope to survive lunch and nap and then await the hubs arrival for the weekend and two full days of help with this baby thing.

Weekend triumphs to look forward to:

  • Getting over this cold. It is throwing me off.
  • Getting a new phone! Whoo hoo!
  • Superbowl Sunday…because I love the commercials and the excuse for junk food.

It’s the little things….


Tell me your thoughts!

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