Blogging Is Hard…..But I’ll Figure It Out

So, this blogging thing is a little harder and more time consuming than I anticipated. I just discovered blogging a few months ago….(I know, where have I BEEN??) Oh that’s right, I’ve been in a mommy-hood immersion. Now that I am ending my sentence of baby-house-arrest, I have discovered the blogging community. Which lead me to discover that I would like to be a part of the blogging community. Which lead me to discover that…this is hard work!

I got the whole start-a-blog thing. WordPress made that part pretty easy. Then I wrote a few posts. Then I decided I needed a nice look to go along with my nice blog. I found a new theme and spent a while setting it up the way I wanted. Then I had to figure out a design and header for my blog. This took me forever. Much to my husband’s dismay I spent most of last weekend trying to get my design just right. Then I discovered that a lot of bloggers have button things on their blog. There went another day and a half of my life, trying to figure out how to make a blog button. And then, after wasting a day and a half of life on a tiny button, I discovered this handy tool. Thank you!!(But I made it. You can get it. Just go over there and grab it. Please. I worked really hard on it for you…)

Now I really like my blog’s look. It has a design I like. It has a custom header and button. It has ways you can contact me and a picture of my son and I. It feels good and it makes me happy. (And it looks pretty.)

Mostly it’s hard, because every time I try to sit down and dedicate some time to a post, I get interrupted by a tiny voice. “Mommy! I need choc-it mik! I need watch Ciff-urd big red ruff ruff! Mommy!!!” This post has been in progress for a while.

Now (in theory) I get to do the part of blogging that I came here to do in the first place; write. I often have many thoughts on my mind, and have been searching for a venue in which to explore them. I think this blogging thing could be really great for me, and I hope for you too. I hope that you find this blog, and that it is meaningful or relate-able to you. I hope this little corner of the internet brings you some little piece of joy, like I have found in so many of your blogs. Thank you for reading and thank you for letting me figure this blog thing out…a little at a time.


2 thoughts on “Blogging Is Hard…..But I’ll Figure It Out

  1. I laughed when I read this post. I’m in the “design” phase right now and I spent about a day and a half trying to figure out custom fonts because I only manage to sit down for a little bit at a time…(and mines not even walking and talking! lol!)

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