The Day I Considered Leaving My Two Year Old Home Alone…and then decided against it

Yesterday was one of “those” days. Everyone has a day like this, but it is especially fun when you mix this kind of day with a 2-year-old in his terrible two prime. On the docket for the day: the library and Target. Pick up books, pick up Valentines for preschool. Seems manageable, right?

After waking up, getting dressed, and helping me straighten upstairs, (which really was very nice), my toddler decided that before we could go anywhere we had to eat breakfast. A reasonable request, except the ONLY breakfast he would tolerate was pancakes and syrup. And he has to watch “his show” first, which really means any show on PBS. After getting that all settled, I decided to work on laundry and dishes while he ate, during which time my little guy decided to unload the ENTIRE silverware drawer and bring it into the livingroom. By the time I had that cleaned up he had dumped out all of his blocks. He assured me that we could go to Target and the “ly-beary” but we had to build a rocket ship first. After our rocket ship was sufficiently constructed, blasted off, and destroyed, he had to go potty. I am very proud to say that he is just recently potty trained. VERY recently. Which means I still have to help, and this particular potty trip involved a lot of clean up. While I was still cleaning up, he decided to be a “monster” and put on a mask and chase the cats. Except the mask wouldn’t stay on his face, and every time it fell off he yelled. At me. For not making it stay on his face. It was time to move this process along.

“Ok, it’s time to get dressed!” I said in the most cheerful voice I could muster even though I was plagued with the type of exhaustion that can only be achieved by devoting years of your life to wiping someone else’s bottom.


“So we can go get books and Valentines! That will be so fun!”


“Come on, buddy, we’ve been trying to go all day. Let’s go upstairs and get dressed.”

“No, I need play blocks.”

“We did play blocks, and now we need to run our errands really quick.”


“Mommy needs to go to Target.” (At this point, Mommy really did need to go to Target. For sanity purposes.)

“Ok, Mommy.” Yay!!! He said ok! “You go Target and I stay here.” …pause…..What did he say?

“I can’t go to Target without you. You have to come with me.”

“NO! I want stay home!” This isn’t worth it. *sigh*

“Ok, we’ll stay home. What do you want for lunch?”

“NO! I stay home and you go Target!” Wow, he’s really pushing for this. I mean, that would be amazing. I would LOVE to go to Target alone. That would be so nice. And he is driving me crazy. But I can’t do that. 

“I can’t leave you home alone sweet boy.”

“Yes! I want stay home ‘lone!!” That is a compelling argument. I mean, there are times when he watches TV for 30 minutes straight and he’s pretty much unattended. This really wouldn’t be much different would it? I would definitely be home in 30 minutes…..


“That is not an option. Let’s eat lunch and nap or let’s get dressed and go to Target.”

“No nap! I am going Target.”


We woke up at 8:00 in the morning.

We finally made it to Target at 2:00 in the afternoon.

Such is my life with a two year old.


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