“Uh oh, I forgot Daddy!”

Last night, the hubs and I went out on a Valentine’s Day date. Don’t get excited and think we are romantic. We average one date about every 6 months. Our dating life is actually really pathetic. If there was a reality show about the biggest dating loser, we would totally win.

Lat night, we had a date because a local kid play place we go to offered a program called “night on the town.” They usually offer it the first Thursday of every month, but chose to capitalize on the Tuesday Valentine’s Day. I bit the bait, signed him up, and told the hubs to make dinner reservations. We were going out.

After a refreshing change of pace of going out to eat alone with my husband, we headed back to pick up our little guy.

When we walked in, he was just finishing a picture with one of the girls working that night. She held his hand and a crayon and helped him draw whatever he instructed her to. He was so excited to describe his drawing. He held out the picture and pointed to each figure and talked at a rapid pace.

“I draw Mommy and Noah and two kitties and a big house and a door knob!” Then, looking over at his daddy, he said, “Uh oh! I forgot Daddy!” The girl offered to help him draw daddy. She picked him up, put him in her lap, and helped him hold the crayon to draw a daddy. “Now that everything I need!” my sweet boy informed all of us after the completion of his drawing.

When we got home, we hung the picture on the refrigerator, just like we do with all of his art work. But it is secretly my favorite. I love the crayon drawing on a sheet of notebook paper that shows me such a simple but beautiful portrayal of what my little boy needs in life. I love that what is important in his world is his Mommy, and Noah and two kitties and a big house and a door knob. And that even though he forgot Daddy, he still needs him too. I love the insight into his mind of what his life is like.

It reminds me that it is all I need too. Just a mommy and a daddy and a little boy living in a “big” house with a doorknob and two kitties. Isn’t that what I always dreamed of? That picture is my childhood dreams come true, and now it is hanging on my refrigerator in my big house with a door knob that I live in with my family and my two kitties.

And even though the hubs works all the time and the house always needs repairs and the baby isn’t always nice and the mommy isn’t always happy, we are so blessed to have this life.

What a beautiful reminder that what I so often take for granted are my dreams of yesterday coming true today.  That picture was the best Valentine I could have asked for.

"Mommy and Noah and a big house with a door knob and two kitties and uh oh I forgot Daddy."


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