Snakes and Worms

We are fully potty trained here. All 3 of us. It is a major accomplishment.

By fully potty trained, I mean EXCLUSIVELY big boy underwear. Or naked.

We gave away our last pack of diapers and I still have half a pack of pull-ups. I intended for him to wear those to sleep in, but he really doesn’t need them. We have always talked about the potty and been pretty open about going potty in front of him. We got serious about training in late December, and by the beginning of February he had mastered it! I wasn’t expecting to do it so early, and was a little apprehensive at first, but he just decided he was ready. He is only 29 months old, and I’ve heard rumors that boys take longer, so I’m very thrilled to have reached the latest milestone in parenting. We are officially out of the baby stage and into the full on little boy chapter of life.

Now that my little guy is potty trained, we have run into a different sort of challenge. My kid likes his poops.

After going poot in the potty, he will look at it. He gets very excited and thinks that he has made snakes or worms. Yesterday, after a pretty impressive potty session, he said, “Look, Mommy! I made a ‘nake!” He was beyond proud of himself. I responded with appropriate excitement over my child’s bowel movement and then said, “Ok, let’s put it in the big potty.” It was time for a melt down. “No, Mommy! Don’t flush my ‘nake!!! I love him!”

How do I explain to my child that although he has, indeed, made a masterful creation with his body, it is still poo and it is going down that toilet.

I think I said some variation of that. Somehow, the snake made it in the toilet. But then we had to admire it in the big potty. “Can I touch it?” my son asked while he reached into the toilet. “NO!” I responded and grabbed his hand out. “But why Mommy? I want play with my ‘nake!”

“Because, child, it is poot. We do not touch poot.” And with that, we tried to flush the toilet. But we couldn’t. Because it clogged. Before flooding the bathroom, we hightailed it out of there and moved on to another activity, such as refusing-to-get-dressed-because-“I want be naked.”

Fast forward to today, when he made another impressive creation. (Seriously. How does such a little person make such big things?)

This time, he made a worm, apparently. So we went through the same routine of being impressed and trying to get it in the toilet and my son being distressed as to why we had to flush his worm. Except this time, he managed to touch it.

So I got to clean up poo from his hands, his bottom, his little potty, the big potty, and the bathroom wall where he tried to wipe it off.

I’m kind of regretting the whole potty training thing. On the plus side, I can now add “snake and worm wrangler” to my resume.


7 thoughts on “Snakes and Worms

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  2. That is hilarious.
    My nephew, if you left him alone, would make pictographs like the egyptians…only it was poop-tographs.
    Kids are so funny.
    And gross at the same time 🙂

  3. One of my ‘lil dudes talks to his “creations”…Before flushing he tells this poop to have fun at the poop party with all his friends. He tells it not to wrestle or fight and that he’ll see him next year. I am sooo trying to get this on video. Try it with your ‘lil dude…that poop needs to get to the poo party! Lol!

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