My “what-ifs” are plenty, if I let them seep through

to my current memory and what I’ve been through.

My days are long and trying if I analyze

all the choices I made that brought me this life.

My heart can feel heavy and sad and full

if I try to remember that life is not easy

and that times have been hard and that times have been grand

and that all along I haven’t really followed a plan.

Or maybe I have, but the plan wasn’t mine, and so I’m on an adventure not knowing what else I will find.

And the hours are fast and the minutes are slow

if I question the choices I made long ago.

But if I stay here

here in THIS moment

Then I must trust that this is ok.

It’s ok to be here and to feel this way.

Whatever way I’m feeling, whatever my life looks like

that ok. It’s OK to be who I am today.

Just because I didn’t know

the woman that I would become

or the twists and the turns I would find

doesn’t mean this isn’t a good place to reside.

The days are joyous and exciting and lovely

if I can stay here in the present and bubbly

with fulfillment that comes from knowing, that I,

here in this place,

am right where I should be.

I’m right where I am because of choices, that’s true, but regret is no fun and often no use

And today my choice is to be happy


Wherever that here is

it’s good to be there.

Wherever your “here” is,

I hope you are aware

that beauty surrounds you

even in your darkest place. Beauty surrounds YOU

if you just embrace

that choices have past and time has flown

and you have lived and you have grown

all to bring you here to this moment.

I hope that you treasure it, I hope that you own it

as yours, yours alone, your very own story.

Your very own beautifully voyaged place of glory.

*This poem was written in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, and inspired by a prompt from Blogher about making decisions and having regrets. 


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