A Bumped Head and A Heavy Heart

I feel like a terrible Mommy. My little guy had two trips to the emergency room last week. Once last Tuesday, when he fell backwards and hit his head. There was so much blood I panicked, but by the time we made it up to the hospital it had stopped and revealed that it was really just a small cut, nothing major. We weren’t even admitted.  I felt so silly, but everyone was very nice and reassured me that it’s ok, scalp wounds are usually not major they just bleed a lot, which makes them scary.

Then Saturday, after taking a shower, my little guy was wrapped in a towel. He slipped on the bath mat and fell face first on the edge of the step into the walk in shower. He got a huge gash in his chin, and once again, a lot of blood. This time, the hubs was home. We tried to treat it at home, but quickly realized that a band-aid was not going to solve this problem. With the fear that he needed stitches, we went to the ER. They decided it wasn’t quite deep enough for stitches, but it did need Dermabond and steristrips, which are basically just stronger adhesives to hold the wound together until it can form a scab itself.

Then, on Monday, he was being a little rambunctious during the weekly music class we go to. He was trying to climb on me but he pulled too hard or I didn’t hold tight enough, and somehow he fell, bumping the back of his head so hard on the floor that it made an audible bump, causing all of the other mothers and the teacher to look at us and gasp. I took him outside and comforted him.

But I also needed some comfort myself. The hubs says it’s ok, he’s just a boy, boys get bumps and bruises. But three head injuries in one week? I feel terrible. It’s been ok, and he’s fine. But today, I had to send him to school with a note explaining the band-aid over his steristrips to make sure he doesn’t pull them off. And that’s when I felt like a terrible mom. Because it’s humiliating to have to send your little guy to school with a big band-aid and a note that basically confesses: I’m not a good mom. I didn’t protect my child from falling, and he is hurt.

I know he’s a boy. And he’s fine. And accidents happen. But I still wish that I could somehow be a better protector of this sweet little boy that I love so much.


8 thoughts on “A Bumped Head and A Heavy Heart

  1. I’m terrified of this! When ever he falls I feel bad too. Last night I thought my son was going to fling himself over the side of his crib and I almost had a heart attack.

  2. I remember the first time Annabelle threw herself face-first off the bed. It was like I saw it in slow motion, the way she spun helplessly off our slick bedspread and landed mouth first on the carpet. My heart stopped beating. When I saw the blood pouring from her mouth, all I could think was, “She busted out a tooth.” Todd rushed home from work to check and see if we needed to go to the ER and I felt like the worst mother in the WORLD. You are a wonderful mom and I am so glad that your little man is on the mend!

    • Oh how scary and awful that must’ve been!! The blood is so scary. Thank you so much for your vote of confidence. You are a wonderful mom too! I think these things just happen; but they are so hard.

  3. It’s always so scary when they get hurt. My youngest daughter was always more adventurous than she was coordinated (not because she’s clumsy, I promise; she’s just…intrepid) and I know that bad mom feeling. It’s awful, but you’re not a bad mom. I’m glad he’s okay!

  4. I’m glad to hear your little guy is fine now; head injuries are always the worst, but not in this case – thankfully;) Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

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