Project Marriage

Through luck (and Twitter) I discovered an inspirational website called Project Marriage.

Three women have joined together to create this site with the goal of helping others put some “oomph” back into their relationships.

They have even designed a section of weekly marriage challenges to help you re-discover why you said those vows in the first place.

I adore this website and the opportunity it gives for interaction and support.

That’s why I am truly honored to be guest posting there today, and sharing just a bit of my marriage story.

Ironically, my guest post falls at a time when my own marriage could use a bit of re-inventing.

Despite the trials of marriage and the way it tends to get lost under the monotony of daily life, I love the message of this website and the way it encourages us to focus on our own relationship stories.

After all, with out our story, there could not be his.

Come join me as I share a glimpse into my marriage, and then browse the site! You may find some take away advice and a little bit of spice for your evening. 🙂

See you there!


2 thoughts on “Project Marriage

  1. Great guest post Julia! Thanks for sharing the site. I think we all need to continue working on our relationships. As we change, our problems change too. We were like you and had some problems arise after we got married (more specifically, after Wolf Prince arrived).

    • Thank you so much! It is so strange how those problems rise and fall in the course of a relationship, and only seem to intensify once you are in a marriage. Being married is definitely a hard task sometimes!

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