The Curse of September 1st

September 1st is a hugely significant date for me. It is the date of my son’s birth. So while I feel like this should be a joyous and celebratory day, it has been overshadowed with unsettling events since 2009.

September 1st, 2009: The day my son was born. Also the day I had an extremely difficult labor experience resulting in an emergency c-section and a two and a half hour separation from my son after birth. Due to my exhaustion and an almost overdose of medication by the hospital staff, I do not remember meeting my son.

September 1st, 2010: My son’s first birthday. Though we were able to have a celebratory day with family, it was also extremely emotional for me since it was the anniversary of the difficult day he was born. The day of his party was also our very first trip to the ER with him and his first diagnosis of croup.

September 1st, 2011: My son’s second birthday. We had his party in late August, and the day of his party was wonderful. But on the day of his actual second birthday, we were in our home with no power and received an IRS audit and an $11,000 bill for a surgery my son had that insurance was refusing to cover.

September 1st, 2012: My son’s third birthday. This year, we held his party on his actual birthday at our home. And the curse might have been broken! The party was adorable, my son had fun with his friends, and after the party we enjoyed a relaxing day at home visiting with family.

He did wake up on September 2nd, 2012  with a 101 degree fever, though…

Maybe the September 1st curse will be broken in 2013?


5 thoughts on “The Curse of September 1st

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  2. Ugh! It’s so unfair the Universe has thrown this curse your way! Maybe all the pain and emotions from remembering your hardships burns a hole in your thoughts and those “curses” find their way in?? I get so stressed out sometimes about things (mostly things I can’t even control anyway) that my body reacts by getting sick. Well, I’m just so happy that Noah’s actual birthday was a success, and as always, my sympathies for the horrible labor experience. I feel ya…

    • Another friend of mine said something similar; is it that we expect a day to go badly that makes it actually go badly?
      My body reacts like yours; when I am too stressed it just shuts down.
      This year was so much better than the previous years, so I really hope that the streak of luck is over!
      And, of course, it is getting better as he gets older and I become more emotionally stable..ha!
      Thank you so much for your never ending support, girl. It truly means so much.

  3. My birthday is like that. March 28 always seems to be rough for me. What ends up happening is that I dread it and then I seem to place high hopes on the day while expecting it to crash and burn, which it usually does. I wonder if these dates become infamous because of our thoughts surrounding it. Praying that the curse is broken!

    • Yes!! As I am getting feedback on this post, I am beginning to wonder that, too. Am I putting negative energy out there on this day that cause the day to become negative? So much to ponder.
      I am so sorry that you have a day like that, too. I am marking your day down…and I am going to send you lots of love next March 28th!!

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