Animal Problems

We are having animal problems.

Sunday, I decided to do some yard work. I did some weeding and blew off the driveway, but the biggest chore was cleaning off the deck. As I was gathering up the toys and sweeping leaves, I noticed a squirrel. He was not moving, but he still looked very much alive, just laying on the deck. After closer inspection I realized he was already dead, but there were no bite marks to indicate that the cats had gotten him. It was like he just fell down and died. He really just looked as if he was lying still.

Monday night, I let the cats out as usual. They have become keen on night exploration since we have moved into our house. I always call them in before heading upstairs to bed, as they come quickly, usually ready for a rest themselves. Last night, only one came back. I called and called for the other one but eventually had to just go to bed.

When I woke up Tuesday, I called for her again, but still could not find her. I decided to go outside to look for her, but by the time I fed the toddler, got him dressed, and convinced him to go outside, it was 11:00 AM. We looked around for her in the front yard, and then as we were heading to the back yard I noticed something moving in my car. It was my sweet kitty. I got her out immediately and ran her straight inside to food and water. She did not eat or drink, but she was purring and seemed fine. Monday night, my husband had gone to the grocery store. She must have jumped into the car while he was unloading groceries. That means she had been in the car for over 12 hours! I am just so thankful that she is ok.

It soon dawned on me that a cat locked in a car for 12 hours also meant that there was probably cat poo in my car. It did not take long to spot it (with the helpful “Look, Mommy, cat poo!” from the toddler) and so I began cleaning. I spent 45 minutes scrubbing cat poo and pee out of my car and then left the windows open so the smell could air out.

The toddler and I continued our day which included a walk. We made it home just before it rained, but forgot that my car windows were  open. So now I have a wet car that smells slightly like cat poo.

Late in the afternoon, the rain cleared. The toddler and I were sitting in the livingroom when we heard a loud THUD and saw something briefly on the window. We ran outside to see a small bird on its side in our front flower bed, obviously stunned by its recent encounter with our window. I tried to shield the bird from being touched by my son as he peppered me with questions to satisfy his curiosity of ‘why.” I used a stick to nudge to bird into an upright position. Once on its feet it hopped away, but it was obviously quite injured. His breathing was labored and his couldn’t move more than three small hops. We observed him for a while, and finally decided to go inside. When we went out to check on him a few hours later, the bird was gone. I can only hope that he regained his senses and flew safely away.

Here’s hoping that tomorrow will be a better day. Because if we have one more day of animal drama, we might have to move.

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A cat and her boy

I have the most tolerant cat in the world.


When I was pregnant, people far and wide warned me that I should get rid of my cats before the baby comes. They all had well-meaning ridiculous ideas that somehow the cats would hurt the baby. But they didn’t know I have amazing cats.

Both of my kitties were very attentive during my pregnancy and often laid on top of me during my 3 months of bed rest. I mean how much more supportive can cats be?

The day we brought the baby home, the first thing they did was come to smell his head. And they purred. It was love. They knew that the baby became our first priority and they seemed to accept their new reality. There were no lash outs or scratches or incessant meows. The cats tried a couple of techniques to their new addition. They tried curiosity, and then finally resorted to ignorance.

Then, the baby got mobile. He decided that the cats would be great play toys. The calico cat decided to take up residence under the bed. Probably a smart move. The orange cat,  decided to embrace her new role as baby play toy. She allowed the baby to pull her tail, give her slobbery kisses, and lay on top of her. All without scratching or meowing. She’s a trooper.

Then the baby turned into (gasp) a toddler. The cat that lives under the bed still lives there. Really smart move. The cat that stays out got tackled, picked up, thrown (gently), and licked and bit. Really. And the cat tolerates the tackling and picking up and being used as a pillow. She is an amazing cat. Now she even tolerates getting kisses on her face. I am so lucky to have such an amazing cat who accepts my crazy toddler.


This cat is amazing. I am so lucky to be a Mommy to such a wonderful little boy and extraordinary cat.